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Cable Management

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B9103  Cable Tray Kit - 300mm x 3M Lg
Cable Tray, 300mm x 3000mm with Splicing Brackets and Fasteners. Powder Coated finish.  (R..
B14965 - High to Low Transition Kit
Bracket, fasteners and isolating items to transition between low (2400) and high (2887) Superstru..
B9560  Cable Tray Joiner Kit GB
Galvabond Splice Plates for Cable Trays with Fasteners. Pack of 10. ..
B9712  Planar Shelf Tray Register Infill (700x300)
728mm length of Planar Shelf Trays to be installed in Superstructure aisle ways and left in ..
B9100  Joined Planar Tray Kit
JOINED PLANAR TRAY KIT Two 150mm wide Planar Shelf Trays assembled. 300mm x 3000mm.lg. Powder Coa..
B15862 Tray, Cable ST3 150mm x 3M Orange
Tray, Cable ST3 150mm x 3m Powder Coated Orange 40008774 ..
B9561  Optical Duct Hold Down Bracket Kit
Hold Down brackets for W&B plastic Optical Ducts (all widths) with Fasteners. To be used with..
B9743  Bracket, Cable Tie for Cable Tray
Bracket mounted on side of Cable Tray. Used to organise Cables.  Cable Ties not included. ..
B9105  'T' Joint Kit
Parts and fasteners allowing to build right angle join between all ranges of Cable Trays width. Po..
B15876-450 Kit, 450mm Wide Cable Tray Mounting Isolation
450mm Wide Cable Tray Mounting Isolation 40009947 ..
B9625  Flashing Angle Kit
3M Lg. Plastic 90 Deg Angle and 20 off Cable Ties for protecting sharp tray edges in Superstructu..
B9814 600mm Bend Radius Fibre Cable Drop Ramp Kit
Kit of brackets and fasteners to assemble drop tray for fibre cable. 600mm bend radius and approx..
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