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B9434  Rittal Rack Isolation & Anchor Component
1 Pack of Anchor, Isolating Tube and Plate. 353/01256 ..
B9486-01  Cable Tray Isolation Splice Kit
Splice Plates used to isolate Cable Trays with a 20mm gap. 353/01567 ..
B9486-02  Cable Tray Transitional Isolation Splice Kit
Splice Plates used to isolate Cable Trays with a 20mm gap between 45mm (old type) and 50mm Cable ..
B9760 Self Adhesive Isolating Tape (48mm wide)
Tape used to isolate Single Support Column (part # B9784) when/if installed close to the wall. (4..
353/02462  Insulation, Uni-Cushion 45x3mm P2600
353/02462 ..
B9767 - Isolating Dyna Bolt Kit
Pack of 4 M10x80 Dyna Bolts with isolating plates and M12 flat washers. Used for fixing wall bars..
B9172  Kit, Isolating for Wall Bars
Kit of Insulating items required to electrically isolate Superstructure wall bars where they are ..
B14965 - High to Low Transition Kit
Bracket, fasteners and isolating items to transition between low (2400) and high (2887) Superstru..
B9174  Kit, Channel Isolation Bracket
Superstructure Isolating Bracket.  Joiner between Superstructure builds. Includes Fibregla..
2.3mm th Self Adhesive, Double sided Isolating Tape (25mm Wide) Tape used to bond an isolate&..
B9175  Washer, Isolating Wall Bar
Wall Bar Isolating Plates. 30x30x4mm thick. Centred 10.5mm ID hole with 13.5mm OD, 3mm raised e..
B9176  Washer, Isolating Rack Top
Isolating Plates. 30x44mmx3mm thick. Centred 10.5mm ID hole. Pack of 20. 353/00747 ..
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