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B9741  Superstructure Aisle Lights Mounting Kit
21mm Dia Tube x 2500mm Lg with Saddle Clamps and Fasteners. Used for mounting lights in Superstru..
B9757  Frame, Suite Support 600mm x 2.9M
Pre-assembled Suite End Support Frame 600mm wide x 2887mm high. Support frames for Iron Work ..
B10417  Optic Fibre Support Bracket Kit
Optic Fibre Duct Cantilever Support Bracket (400mm). Can be bolted to existing transmission Super..
B9784  Single Column Support Kit
Refer to NBN Co. document - 'FAN Construction Work Practices - FAN Ironwork and Infrastructure Pr..
B8359  U Bolts 64 x 109mm
Set of 2 U Bolts - 64mm X 109mm with Fasteners 353/00236 ..
Manufacture kit of items to update the design of the current OFF/OMF suite support frame (353/015..
B8360  U Bolts 54 x 71mm
Set of two U Bolts - 54mm X 71mm with Fasteners 353/00237 ..
B14967 Mezzanine Floor Access Hatch Complete
Portal, CN1234 Teltray Ladder Access Can be installed to both 2400 & 2887 high Superstruc..
B9099  Overhead Iron Work - 4 SQM Extension Module
OVERHEAD IRON WORK – 4m2 EXTENSION MODULE Parts and fasteners required for minimum super..
B14967-09 Fibreglass Hook Ladder for 2.4M Superstructure
Ladder, 2400MM Teltray Portal Access To suit Mezzainine Floor Access Hatch (B14967) istalled ..
B9102  16A to 16B Conversion Kit
16A Support to 16B Support CONVERSION KIT Unassembled parts to allow installation of part B9101 (..
B14965 - High to Low Transition Kit
Bracket, fasteners and isolating items to transition between low (2400) and high (2887) Superstru..
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