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Strut Channel

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B9481 Double Channel Bolted 6000mm long
Two of 41mm x 82mm x 6 metre long slotted channels bolted back to back 353/02062 ..
0426/00503  Channel, Single 41x41mm x 6M P1000 GB
Galvabond 0426/00503 ..
B9481-01 Channel Type P1000T - Slotted, 6000mm long
Slotted channel zinc plated yellow gold. 353/01824    ..
353/02232  Channel, Fibreglass 41x41mm x 3M F1000
353/02232 ..
353/02256  Channel, Single 41x41mm x 6M 1000 ZPY
Zinc Passivated Yellow 353/02256 ..
353/02257  Channel, Single 41x22mm x 6M 3300 ZPY
Zinc Passivated Yellow 353/02257 ..
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