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0426/00279  Cover, Int Riser 450mm LEM6246 GB
Galvabond 0426/00279 ..
353/02046  Nut, Channel M10 Tapered Spring 1008V ZPY
Zinc Passivated Yellow 353/02046 ..
353/02154  Bracket, Angle 90 Deg 57x41x90mm 1357 ZPY
Zinc Passivated Yellow 353/02154 ..
353/02258  Channel, Single 41x22mm x 3M 33003 ZPY
Zinc Passivated Yellow 353/02258 ..
353/02403  Plate, Bendside 3M ST3 Tray AUG2BS3 PC
Powder Coated - APO Grey 353/02403 ..
B10417  Optic Fibre Support Bracket Kit
Optic Fibre Duct Cantilever Support Bracket (400mm). Can be bolted to existing transmission Super..
B9287  Angle Bracket Kit
One B1068 bracket with Fasteners used to connect intersecting P1000 type Channels in Superstructur..
B9689-RH  Tray, 150mm wide Cable Drop RHS
Cable Support Assembly installed to manage Fibre Cables from the Suite Fibre Cable Tray down to E..
B9782  Frame, Suite ODF Support 2.4M for W&B HD ODF
Pre-assembled HDODF Support Frame 600mm wide x 2400mm high. Support frames for Iron Work mezzanin..
Manufacture kit of items to update the design of the current OFF/OMF suite support frame (353/015..
0426/00418  Nut, Channel M12 with Spring 1010H HDG
Hot Dip Galvanized 0426/00418 ..
353/02072  Setscrew, Hex Head M12x60 HHS1260 ZPY
Zinc Passivated Yellow 353/02072 ..
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